Storm Electrical Services

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Utility Storm Response Division

No one likes to be caught in the dark, waiting for power. Our crews are trained and equipped with everything they need when it comes to restoring electricity safely and quickly during all types of weather conditions - even snowstorms!

At Edgar Electric, we provide utility crews to help get power back up. We provide assessment teams of professional electricians who are trained in assessing damage on equipment so that all of our customers can keep their lights on after a disaster hits.

Edgar Electric Utility Storm Response Electricians

After a disaster, your community or customers' electricity is the first thing that is on your mind. Our utility storm response electricians ensure that you have peace of mind with our storm electrical services and safety-first mentality. Our professional electricians are constantly updating their skills and making sure they're providing your community and customers the best electrical services possible to make sure electricity gets back up running as fast as possible after an emergency strikes!

We have built a reputation by providing quality electrical services in a timely manner. We know that our job is to get the power back on as quickly as possible but within a safe environment - which is why we take pride in every storm response we get called to. Our experienced electricians are committed to doing their jobs safely and efficiently for your community and electrical customers.

Powering Your Future

Edgar Electric Inc. is an electrical contractor company with our office headquartered in Paragould, Arkansas. Our decades of experience have enabled us to build an exceptional skill set that can immediately meet your needs.

Edgar Electric Inc. works on both engineered and design/build projects. With our qualified team in place, we can provide our customers with solutions and support throughout the entire construction process. Our experience and purchasing knowledge will enable us to complete your project in a cost-competitive and timely manner. All of our management staff and field electricians have completed 5-year electrical training programs, take continuing education classes, and are all certified by the State of Arkansas as well as members of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Edgar Electric’s commitment to extensive training provides us with highly skilled employees ready to work for you. Our team would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming projects. We are ready to meet the challenges unique to your needs.

Electrical Safety Culture

Safety to us is the collection of beliefs and values that our employees share in relation to risks within our organization, work environment, and community. We strive to set the pinnacle of safety standards starting from the top in our organization. With realistic practices, continuous organizational learning, and care for potential work environment hazards; We believe it is our duty to adhere to strict policies and procedures to deal with safety no matter the situation.

When a Disaster Strikes, Utility Storm Division Responds

Hoping to restore your power and return as quickly and safely as possible? Let our utility storm response team be there for you. Our qualified electricians will be able to quickly and safely get your power back with the right equipment so you can stay calm even in an emergency situation! Your community and customers should always come first. If a natural disaster happens that leaves them without electricity, then we're ready to take care of restoring lost power at once (we know there's no time like now!). Don't hesitate, feel free to contact us today for more information on how we can be your utility storm response team!

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