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Being environmentally conscious is important now more than ever before. As a business, you want to do what's best for your future and the planet. Though it can seem daunting at first with all of the different renewable energy options available these days, fear not! As one of the best electrical contractors in Arkansas, we have been helping businesses install green technology for several years so we have plenty of experience in this field that will be sure to benefit you as well.

Renewable energies are some of the many ways people are working towards saving our environment by reducing their carbon footprint and becoming less dependent on fossil fuels from other countries. Working with solar panel installation or setting up wind turbines for your company may sound difficult but thankfully there's someone out there who knows just how complicated this industry really is -  Edgar Electric.

Using a variety of different renewable energy options can greatly improve the quality of your buildings' power while reducing operating costs and improving performance overall. Whether you want to go for solar panels, wind turbines, or even something as simple as LED lights, we, as the best solar panel installation company, have what you need so that you don't have to miss out on anything from this generation of green technology.

best solar panel installation company

Edgar Electric Commercial Electricians

At Edgar Electric, we're passionate about the environment and will install your renewable energy system safely and efficiently. Our highly qualified team of professional electricians constantly updates their skills to ensure you get the best renewable electricity service possible when it comes to your renewable electrical systems in your project. We know that no two renewable energy systems have identical needs, so our specialists at Edgar Electric will listen closely as they work with you on identifying what's needed for a customized solution specific to how much power is going into or out of any given setup as well as where all components need be located around an area based on personal preference.

No matter what your needs are, we have the right solution. That's why our electricians offer consultations to identify potential hazards in an area with a current setup that could lead to accidents and malfunctions down the line.

We have built a reputation by providing quality electrical services at fair prices. We know that our job is to keep your project environment safe and powered up - which is why we take pride in the solar panel installation, wind turbines and any renewable energy system. Our electricians are committed to doing their jobs safely and efficiently so you can start utilizing the power of renewable energy faster than ever before!

Powering Your Future

Edgar Electric Inc. is an electrical contractor company with our office headquartered in Paragould, Arkansas. Our decades of experience have enabled us to build an exceptional skill set that can immediately meet your needs.

Edgar Electric Inc. works on both engineered and design/build projects. With our qualified team in place, we can provide our customers with solutions and support throughout the entire construction process. Our experience and purchasing knowledge will enable us to complete your project in a cost-competitive and timely manner. All of our management staff and field electricians have completed 5-year electrical training programs, take continuing education classes, and are all certified by the State of Arkansas as well as members of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Edgar Electric’s commitment to extensive training provides us with highly skilled employees ready to work for you. Our team would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming projects. We are ready to meet the challenges unique to your needs.

Electrical Safety Culture

Safety to us is the collection of beliefs and values that our employees share in relation to risks within our organization, work environment, and community. We strive to set the pinnacle of safety standards starting from the top in our organization. With realistic practices, continuous organizational learning, and care for potential work environment hazards; We believe it is our duty to adhere to strict policies and procedures to deal with safety no matter the situation.

Your Next Renewable Energy Project

Are you looking for an electrical company that will help get your renewable energy project done on time and with electrical safety? Our team of licensed electricians is here to assist. We have several years of experience working on renewable energy projects to help improve energy consumption and the environment. Don't hesitate, feel free to contact us today for more information on how we can complete your renewable energy project! 

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