How to React if a Power Line Falls on Your Car?

November 29, 2021

Driving is a risky thing. Whether because of your recklessness or the other driver’s, car accidents take many lives every year. Adding high-voltage power lines to car accidents can only make things worse. Further, things can get more dangerous if your car sets on fire and makes it necessary for you to jump out of it with the risk of getting electrocuted. Staying calm and mindfully reacting is very crucial at such times to keep yourself, your passengers, and others on the road safe.

This article shows you different scenarios and how to react if a power line falls on a car-

Actions to Take-

  1. Call 911: Whether you are trapped inside the car or a bystander, stay in your position and call 911. Warn others to stay away until the dispatchers come and solve the situation.
  2. Don’t touch the car body: If you are inside the car, stay in your position without touching the mainframe of the vehicle or any part made of metal. You will risk yourself and other passengers getting electrocuted.
  3. Stay away: If you are a bystander or outside, do not try to go near the pole or the vehicle.
  4. Warn others: If you see approaching vehicles, warn them to stay away by honking the horn.

How to React-

  1. When You are Inside the Car and a Power Line Falls on It-

You must stay inside the car without touching any metal parts. The car body is made of metal, which is a good conductor of electricity. And there is a high chance that the fallen power line has charged it with an electric current. Moreover, if passengers are present, ask them not to evacuate the vehicle or touch the car frame. It can be dangerous for everyone if even one person tries to leave the car incorrectly. Your best bet is to stay put in the car until the dispatchers inform you it’s safe. They will cut the power of that line, and you can safely step out.

  1. If the Car Catches Fire-

Things can worsen if the car also catches fire. Although, it is very critical to make sure that your vehicle is on fire before you try to evacuate. Look at the smoke and ensure if it is fumes or exhaust. If you see smoke or flames, your car is unsafe. You should leave it as quickly and carefully as you can. Open the car door, being careful only to touch the latch and nothing metallic. The key to safely jump out is to make yourself compact by folding your arms and legs together. Get yourself at an angle such that you jump out without touching the car. Your feet should touch the ground simultaneously. Shuffle or hop at least fifty feet away before standing erect.

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