Benefits of Renewable Energy

November 29, 2021

Every nation today is critically concerned about sustainability. We need to reserve our resources and utilize them in such a manner that future generations can use them too. Renewable energy sources are comparatively the latest approach for energy conservation. These renewable energy sources are natural and have theoretically infinite years ahead of them. Some examples of these sources are sun, wind, water, and biomass. We should employ renewable energy in our homes to increase efficiency and save the environment. 

Let us look at some benefits of renewable energy in our lives-

  1. Lowered Carbon Footprint: Renewable energy is beneficial to the environment as it does not produce any greenhouse gas, whether it is being used or produced. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and its equivalents like carbon monoxide and methane are harmful to our environment. Greenhouse gases make a blanket around the earth’s atmosphere. When the sun rays hit the atmospheric layers, they get trapped inside this blanket of greenhouse gases and cannot escape. This entrapment of sun rays leads to increased overall temperature on earth, called global warming. 
  2. Inexhaustible Energy Source: The most appealing fact about renewable energy resources is that they get replenished naturally. We will never run out of sunlight, wind, and water, and hence these resources are optimum to generate electricity from. Moreover, they do not deplete during energy production. 
  3. Affordable Prices: The sources of renewable energy are natural, meaning it is available at lower prices. More people can afford to have electricity in their homes because of such cheaper costs. In comparison to fossil fuels that are precious and costly, renewable energy is an excellent alternative. The generators for renewable energy might be expensive, but they provide a free power supply for their lifetime.
  4. Expanded Energy Accessibility: Remote areas till date cannot get electricity in their homes. They rely on fossil fuels which are on the verge of extinction today. Detached power generators, solar energy panels, hydroelectricity, wind energy, and biogas energy are very popular options for villages. They generate enough power to provide light to a large population.
  5. Reduced Pollution: Fossil fuels cause air and water pollution when burnt and disposed of. Fossil fuels burn with smoke consisting of harmful greenhouse gases that cause air pollution. Moreover, when disposing of them, they leave ashes behind, eventually leading to water pollution. On the other hand, renewable energy sources produce clean energy, not polluting the environment. Wind, solar, and hydroelectricity have no associated pollutant emission throughout their life cycle. Geothermal and biomass systems emit some air pollutants, but those air pollutant levels are very low compared to coal and natural gas combustion. It also leads to the better overall health of society. Moreover, drilling our fossil fuels can also cause land disruption and water pollution.

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